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oh gosh, the weddings the WEDDINGS. this year took me from key west to anchorage; all over kansas, into colorado and that doesn’t even count the second-shooter gigs with my beloved former colleagues (thank you, la brisa!) which included more colorado, georgia and california! the amount of insane details, dresses, infectious smiles and laughs that i got to photograph this year….

if you know me, you know i am not the overly-emotional type. i never cry at weddings. i love the quirky and different and off-beat parts of the day more than the standard parts. but if i had to sum up a pretty perfect year of shooting weddings, this is what it would look like. going back through these images is bringing me a lot of joy. thank you thank you to all my couples from this year. here’s to an equally as beautiful, and adventurous 2017! HOW GOOD IS THIS SHIT!?

know someone planning a wedding? elopement? destination wedding or vow renewal? i would love to be considered!

first tunes

then view! you can click to view full-screen!

my first key west experience… i’d take another any time!

oh anchorage… how i love thee

estes park, you beautiful bastard. call me anytime.


did i photograph your wedding this year? i would love to hear which were YOUR favorite images and why! it doesn’t have to be light and happy. i want to hear about your triumphs and emotions. i want to hear why you fight and how it’s worth it. tell me how a photography slams home a moment from time, or reminds of you something you had since forgotten.

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