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mountain portraits

puppies kitties furries!!! for those who don’t know, i visit the local animal shelter once a week and take pictures of the adoptable animals.

here are (a loooot) of my favorite images from throughout the year. and yet still are a fraction of the animals that move through the shelter.

some of these are euthanized. some bounce from home to home to yard to home once they leave the shelter. some just wind up back in the shelter. some are purchased as gifts and then ignored, sold or returned when a child grows bored. sometimes an irritated roommate, ex-spouse or friend takes a loved pet to the shelter to get back at someone, hurt them or because they get tired of helping while the owner is out of town.

often it’s decided that a pet “doesn’t get along with other household pets or family members” with less than a week to adjust. once in a while, and these just might be my favorite… someone adopts an animal with a beautiful temperament and maybe a year, maybe three later, it finds its way back to the shelter so abused and terrified they have no choice but to euthanize it.

if this angers you? (it should). then do something about it. put up or shut up. animals are a commitment. not a whim. not ‘what fit the budget’ that day. and if you know someone who is guilty of these behaviors, i encourage you to at least try and have a conversation with them to help them think it through and make a wiser decision. volunteer at local shelters. donate old linens, toys or extra pet foods. ask what they need. take training and socialize the animals by playing with them.

and for the love of god and bob barker. spay and neuter your pets.

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