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2017 best of portrait sessions

January 2, 2018 , , autumn
shy dog

phew dang. guys i’m not going to lie to you- i’m experiencing a lot of frustration with some weird, recent website issues preventing me from getting these posts out. i’m bummed to have missed some of the holiday momentum, but i still want to share some more ‘best of’ posts!! so without further ado… and sorry for such a long post, but at this point just being able to get it up is a success, so i’m not going to push my luck ;)


i’m not much for going back through old work. hell… i refuse to go back into the house if i forgot something and i’m still in the driveway… but i really think i should more often. sometimes i surprise myself.

i’m certain i’ve missed some; but here are some highlights from 2017 portrait sessions that i love the most! this post combines family sessions, engagement sessions, senior portraits etc. if i photographed you, please feel free to share what YOUR favorite photo was and why!! and still to come will be weddings, and personal/commercial work from 2017.

definitely play this song. if you’re not listening to grouplove, you’re wrong.

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