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2017 best of weddings

January 4, 2018 , , autumn

what a year for weddings! i’ve been trying to lean into the non-traditional wedding market a little bit, so there has been a bit of a shift in my work since the last year. or at least i think so ;).  i have such a soft spot for those backyard weddings, or sunset cruises where the only people in attendance are your family or closest friends. wear that different dress. do away with the expected reception… i got really lucky this year to shoot a lot of these weddings! including more than one wedding for other photographers. that’s a big deal. and a big honor.

from small to big, i love a year full of variety and this one delivered. here are some of my favorite details, portraits, flowers, twinkly lights and moments from 2017 weddings. a giant thank you to all my lovely couples, thank you so much for making my year so different and so magical. cheers to 2018!


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