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volunteer work at the animal shelter

best of 2017, animal shelter

December 28, 2017 , , autumn
shy dog

for most of the year i go once a week to manhattan’s t. russel reitz animal shelter and take pictures of their adoptable animals!! i love their furry butts, and while i do see some repeat faces, which is always sad, i do love a great pairing success story. also, i’ve started sharing my weekly trips on instagram @mhkmutts

if you need more furry faces in your life year-round, follow along!


did you adopt one of these, or another animal this year!? share below. pictures, comments, and links to your favorite rescues, shelters etc., highly encouraged!



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  1. Stunning as always! I love all the moments where they’re being animals and enveloped in the moment. The ones where the staff is holding or loving them is important too and shows a side of the shelter many disregard.

  2. I have seen some of these pics before! I should of known I was looking through your eyes. Absolutely beautiful and funny and sweet. You have captured their personality and their feelings in your shots, you can just see it. Thank you, your awesome and the staff has to be just as awesome too! -Steph Hallock

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