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jo and patrick // a huge happy kansas city wedding

May 29, 2017 , , autumn

just doing some spring catch up! the end of last year got pretty busy, but i still have a few weddings and things i want to blog from then, so here we are.

i can’t remember exactly how i first met jo. local restaurant, the chef? yoga? the chef?! i can’t remember. most likely a combination of the two. either which way, it doesn’t really matter because i’m so so grateful to know her. jo very nearly literally radiates sunshine. you will always find a friendly smile on her face, a hug if you’re lucky, and a great conversation partner. she could complain about an uncertain future, or her husband being deployed again, or how her mother fell and broke her hip the night before the wedding and couldn’t be there… but she won’t. patrick i’ve known less, but my favorite thing i know about him is that when jo is around, he’s in his happy place.

this couple. *swoon*

they look like old-fashioned movie stars. they live to be together. and when they are, they are radiantly happy. i still pinch myself that i got to photograph their day. and i can’t wait to go visit these two in hawaii as they adventure through life together <3

oh and real talk, yes i was worried about my own capabilities with this huge of a wedding party, and i wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. but if you have an AWESOME family who love each other and love being together and will help and support each other on your wedding day?? yeah. do it. soooo worth it. so much love i almost couldn’t handle it.

Dress:  Celebrations of the Heart in MHK, the brand is Estelle York
Shoes: Nine West
Veil & hair piece broach:  EleganceAtHand
Earrings:  TheExquisiteBride
Wedding Ring: Danenburg in MHK
Cheese Cakes: Whimsy Cheesecakes
Catering: Drasko’s 
Flowers:  BotanicaKC
Hair & Makeup:  Platinum and Company – April Jacobs
Transportation: Showtime Transportation in KC

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