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nastassia and justin // romantic country wedding

June 15, 2017 , , autumn
navajo wedding

spring and summer catch up time! things got busy and i got behind on blog posts, but all these lovelies deserve some love, so we’re just doing it now =D

this was my first experience with shannon creek barn, and i can’t believe i haven’t attended or photographed a wedding out there before! a beautiful barn, gorgeous outdoor ceremony site, and … my favorite favorite part…. piggly wiggly.

he just gets to roam and hang out with the party guests. grunts and all. turns out it’s a working farm still, and NOT just for wedding receptions. i tried to figure out ways to steal piggly wiggly but couldn’t think of how to get him in the car… so he gets to stay put. give him a nice pat if you are lucky enough to enjoy a wedding at shannon creek anytime soon.

also, how gorgeous is this couple? two of the most kind-hearted individuals¬†i know. so so happy to witness them being wed. and i’m not even any amount sorry for the number of bride/groom portraits i’m including here. boom.

i recommend mixing all things with music. click photos to view full-screen


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