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last year i went to my first photo conference. and i caught the bug. in 2016 i attended photo field trip in california. it was…nothing short of incredible. i’m still realizing how much. it might be sort of hippie-love-fest, but every person who attends this conference is so awesome. the exchange rate is in hugs. everyone is rad. people can be themselves and everyone loves them for it. of course there is learning, but the networking and the excitement and the creativity are unlike anything i’ve ever been around. there is no doubt in my mind i will return.

THIS year however, i’m trying on forest and falls for size. i’ll spend the next week in tennessee getting to know some equally amazing artists and getting hyped all over again.

point is, i always knew traditional conferences weren’t for me. and i’m just so so grateful for this world i live in where so many others are fighting against doing things a certain way because that’s how it’s always been. these gatherings are good for the soul. rejuvenating. and inspiring. so until i have images to share from forest and falls, i’d like to share some of my favorite experiences from photo field trip last year.

forest and falls

i’m comin’ for ya…

photographers: wanna chat about my experience with either adventure? hit me up i’d love to share stories.

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